Written Tools

Would you go golfing with one club? Better have all three of these in your arsenal.


Your Resume

Much blood is sweated over these. Like it’s spoken friend, the interview, this one is a big deal. There are many theories about how to write your resume. Many people who will do this for you, for consequential sums of money.

Your Cover Letter

Toss a coin. Some people never read them. Some people always read them. The better strategy is to have one. For the people who care, the absence of the cover letter does not make the heart grow fonder.

Your Value Proposition Letter

Known to its friends as the Value Prop, it is like the written version of your elevator speech. It’s brief, to the point, and interests the reader. You explain how you can help them. Double-down on “you” and go easy on “I.” It’s all about them!