Who is that Guy?

The guy in the cartoon is Tom Terrific. He was notable for having a thinking cap that he would put on when in a tight spot. I met his real-life counterpart: Rich Lucia. I attended Rich’s talk, “Success in the NOW” and he blew me away. Rich will make you put YOUR thinking cap on.

Topics Covered

Rich covered many topics: Differences between how things are now versus the past; passion for what you do; your network; your transferrable skills; what do you really want to do?; why you may become a target; three paths (consulting/job search, starting a traditional company, and internet marketing); and the 180 Rule.

As you can see from the list, Rich’s talk was chock full of information, all of it valuable.

On Consulting

You can work as a consultant with the skills you have. Logical targets are competitors of your current or former employer. The knowledge you have can be valuable to them (not saying you use proprietary information here). As a consultant, you are there to help and the pressure is off, since you are not a job seeker. Often the economics of the situation will lead to an offer for permanent employment – it’s cheaper to hire you than to pay your fees.

On Starting a Traditional Company

You need a web site and by blogging you can create interest in your company. Focus on your passion and look for other successful models. You don’t need to create the next Pet Rock.


On Internet Marketing

This is an intriguing option. By creating a web site and blogging, you can create interest in products that you find valuable and through affiliate programs and Facebook ads, generate an income stream.


The 180 Rule

Rich spins things around with this one. Think of all the things you can do to make something not succeed. Look at the list and see if you are doing any of those. There’s your problem. I have oversimplified the rule and recommend that you contact Rich for a copy of his book: The 180 Rule For Business Development.

Contact Rich at Rich@RichLucia.com


The Bottom Line

Rich is here to help. He wants you to succeed, and he lays out several paths you could follow. He will get you thinking and help you to understand what drives current business practices. He gives you tools and approaches, whichever path you follow. Do yourself a favor. Catch Rich as soon as you can. You will be glad that you did.