Tools of the Trade

Your LinkedIn Profile

Your presence on LinkedIn is a must. This is how many people first get to know who you are. Think of it as your own public relations agency.

LinkedIn is also a tool for networking, and provides interaction with groups of people with your same interests. LinkedIn is also an excellent way to let people know what you are thinking and to show you as a thought leader in your field. By posting articles of interest, your own or others, you can help people and get additional recognition.

Face-to-Face Tools

Interviewing Skills

Phone screens, Skype, and in-person interviews with HR and hiring managers are where you lay it on the line. Preparation, practice, and authenticity are key. There is lots of information on typical questions and some tools to help you practice and even learn what questions are asked by specific companies.

Your Elevator Speech

The introduction you give that takes no more than 30 seconds (the length of an elevator ride). If it’s a longer ride, you get to say more.

Your One Pager

In many ways the modern version of a resume. On a single page you combine important information about yourself along with a list of target companies. Bring this to all networking meetings and you may meet people who have contacts with your target companies.

Your Networking Business Cards

Here’s a place to have some fun. You get to design your own networking business card. You will need these as you attend any events to exchange with people you meet. There are many inexpensive options and quick ways to get these.

Written Tools

Your Resume

This is how many people will first learn who you are, what you have done, and how you can bring value to their organization.

Your Cover Letter

This is another way people will first learn who you are. There are many approaches to this one.

Your Value Proposition Letter

This is like your elevator speech but usually tailored to a specific recipient. It is a way of connecting with a potential employer at a company of interest. In the value proposition letter you explain the value you can bring to a specific company.