Face-to-Face Tools

As you wander out and start your job search and networking activities, there are four indispensable tools you will need.


Your Interviewing Skills

This one can make or break you. Interviews are where the rubber meets the road, or in some cases, the sky. You will need to practice, and a good place to start is a Top Tip concerning a tool that can help.

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Your Elevator Speech

This speech is the brief description of yourself you give when asked what you do. The name is from the time it takes to ride an elevator. Of course, you will frequently give it outside of that device.



Your One Pager

Considered by some to be the new resume. You create a one-page broadside that is a combination of your resume and target companies. Many networking groups encourage to pass this one out.

Your Networking Business Card

There are many theories about what constitutes the networking business card. As with all of this, there are no right or wrong answers.