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The Dreaded Interview: How Do You Prepare?

Fortunately, there are creative people out there who want to help you with that. offers a new tool. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing two of the principles; one I worked with for many years and the other I met in my networking travels.


Having said that, let me be clear. This is not a puff piece. These people are working to make your life easier. The features of their website include Accelerated Job Matching, Career Coaching, and Digital Interview Coaching. About the job matching: I was lucky enough to preview the job matching feature, and it’s both amazing and extremely convenient.

You can sign up now and take advantage of the smart Job Search and Digital Interview Coaching tool. Review by Coach features will be available in the near future.

Let’s Focus on Digital Interview Coaching

Many interview questions are part of the interviewing canon. Just Google “interview questions” and stand back. Another tactic is to Google “interview questions” + position or job title. Googling the questions will give you an idea of the ballpark.

You can even prepare for answering questions that are supposed to gauge your ability to react “spontaneously” (since many of those are already known). Nothing beats practiced spontaneity! Starting to get the idea? It takes a fair amount of preparation to ready yourself for the interview. You want good advice to make sure your answers are spot on.

Yikes! How Do I Do This? steps in here. To get a taste of what they will be offering, click on the START INTERVIEW button in the middle of their website ( This feature steps you through the core questions for which you should prepare. You can craft your response to each.

Even better, you can repeat the process multiple times, with a different set of questions each time and save your responses.

Future functionality will allow you to submit the questions for review and receive the advice of an interviewing coach. Once you incorporate the suggested changes, you have the perfect script for preparing for your interview. How neat is that?


Click here to go to CareerInformatics and try the preview version of Digital Interview Coaching. It’s a glimpse into a special tool that can save you tons of time and ease the interviewing process. Having fumbled my way through some interviews, remember the three P’s: Prepare, Practice, Perform!

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