TOP TIP: Resume Gold from Self-Appraisal Comments

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Resume Building without the Pain

I was talking with my wife the other night. She works for a company that requires her to submit an annual self-appraisal of your performance. This input affects your annual review. A self-appraisal has become a common practice with many organizations. Those self-appraisal comments contain resume gold.

Where’s the Gold in That?

Here’s why it is important. If you engage in that process, you do research on what you did over the past year. Typically, some of this requires you to come up with metrics on your performance. “So what?” you say? To that, I answer with a thundering “RESUME.” A self-appraisal helps you write your resume.


The Three Rules of Resumes: Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

One of the most important parts of a resume includes your specific accomplishments. Guess what people say is most potent for that portion of your resume? You can guess if you look at the title of this section. From my discussion with my wife, here is part of her self-appraisal:

28 of 35 assigned tasks completed ahead of schedule; the remainder completed on schedule.

How might that look on your resume?

100% of assigned tasks completed on schedule.

80% of assigned tasks completed ahead of schedule.


You Get the Idea

If you are going through the self-appraisal process, you are creating valuable pieces for your resume. Why not capture them and at least put them in a document that you can use when creating or updating your resume?

What Else Are You Doing during a Self-Appraisal?

Do you keep copies of emails or other communications in which people thank you for something you’ve done? If yes, those are additional gold. You use them to secure your rating. You can use them on your resume, too.

People say I am ….


And One More Thing

As part of a self-appraisal, you may have to write a description of how you solved problems. Guess what one of the most popular interview questions is? Tell me about a time that you encountered a problem and how you resolved it. Bingo! You just assembled another piece of your overall strategy.


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